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What To Bring To Orientation
  1. Hard copy of CDL, social security card and Medical Certificate card (also bring the long form of the physical if you have it).

  2. Bring any driving school certificates received within the last 3 years.

  3. Be prepared to complete your work history completely with all jobs within the last 10 years (This is required by DOT).

  4. Bring W-2, payroll records, log sheets or any other forms to verify any previous employer that has gone out of business.

  5. Bring DD214 to verify any military service within the past 3 years.

  6. Tax or Professional references to verify self employment.

  7. Bring a voided check with you if you want direct deposit.

  8. Bring a list of beneficiary information to complete the benefits package information (this includes health, life, 401(k) program).

  9. Bring all loan information if you’re seeking tuition reimbursement.

  10. If you’re coming in as a trainee, bring enough clothes and supplies for 3-4 weeks away from home. Be sure to pack clothes for all types of weather.

  11. Bring closed-toed shoes and pants.

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